About me

It all started one day when I discovered that my new husband could only cook about 3 different meals. Bolognaise, lasagne and chicken fajitas. I quickly became bored of the three options (which almost becomes 2.5 as lasagne is an offshoot of bolognaise!). The kitchen was swiftly commandeered, the spice rack and pantry were stocked, the division of labour set at 'I cook, you clean'... and the Wilkins' house was happy once again!

Welcome to my kitchen. I love making fresh, healthy and tasty meals, that fill you up and give you energy for an active life. This is very important when it comes to fuelling up for soccer games and triathlons in the Sydney sunshine- which is where I spent the other half of my life not in the kitchen. I am also a Christian. This influences everything I do and gives me my purpose for baking & breathing!

I love cooking with plenty of fresh vegetables using the least processed food possible, always making enough for leftovers the next day. I really do hate buying my lunch. I also have a little sweet tooth that needs satisfying every day now and again… so you will find a few treats thrown in too!

This is me poking my head out of a door in Venice. I think one day I might just have to move there.
Until then, I'll just keep baking away and enjoying life :)